oglamakeovaoglamakeovaAnkara impressed make-up look is the brand new rave. Make-up artistes are impressed by the blends of colours on this print and with this they create a very good look that goes with the circulate, by this I imply the full make-up look transformation is pulled from the colours on the Ankara print.oglamakeova-1oglamakeova-1oglamakeova-2oglamakeova-2oglamakeova-3oglamakeova-3oglamakeova-5oglamakeova-5oglamakeova-4oglamakeova-4makeupbyashabee-1makeupbyashabee-1makeupbyashabee-2makeupbyashabee-2makeupbyashabee-3makeupbyashabee-3makeupbyashabee-4makeupbyashabee-4Photograph courtesy #8211; Instagram @oglamakeova #038; @makeupbyashabee

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